A new curating service

  • Annabel Pearl – Miró and Lemon, Kettle’s Yard

Sourcing art and artists for your retail context

Bespoke and Sustainable

We are providing a new service for retail in galleries, museums, historic houses and cultural venues:

  • Curating artists and artworks especially for your place
  • Connecting to your context whether you are a specialist museum, historic house or contemporary art gallery.
  • We design bespoke collections of artists to suit your retail offer, audiences and price points.

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Our packages include:

Transformative Tea Towels

An affordable entry into the world of contemporary artists.

A great gift, these limited-edition tea towels are made in the UK, competitively priced and printed on long lasting and sustainable union linen.

Transformative Tea Towels is an Art at Home project supporting and promoting work by contemporary artists for everyone’s homes.

Presents with Provenance

A selection of artists from across the UK for special occasion giving.

We develop collections of artists based on your location, supporting sustainable buying with focused seasonal displays. We work with artists who live in your area and may take inspiration from the local landscape and/or source their materials locally.

Nicholas Rowe – Laburnum 6 branch tree with bark

Site and subject specific

Collections to connect with your particular context whether you have a natural history, textile, ceramic, or art collection or want to celebrate the distinctiveness of your location.


We can support you to commission work about your place. For example, working with illustrator and artist Annabel Pearl to develop a series of new cards or prints inspired by your collections, or bowls made from wood sourced from your location by woodturner Nicholas Rowe.


We offer workshops, talks and demonstrations by artists to connect to your learning and engagement programmes and broaden your retail offer.

For further information and more detail about the some of the artists we work with click here.

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