Bid writing

Improve your win rate with expert bid writing advice and support. Invest in expertise that can help secure future funding.


Sublimation (still) Tina O’Connell (2020)
Out-of-date CO2 fire extinguisher, Ikea bowl, washing-up liquid, a kettle and the off-cut of an old tee-shirt

What’s involved:

  • Collating information and data gathering
  • Devising bid structures
  • Navigating complex online systems
  • Working closely with clients to author applications or edit and review existing drafts


British Art

Hayward Gallery Touring, Southbank Centre

Project: British Art Show Touring Bids

Development and writing of Arts Council Strategic Touring Bid and National Project Grants for British Art Shows 8 & 9 (2015/2020-21). Working with consortia across the UK including:
2015 – Leeds, Edinburgh, Norwich and Southampton
2020 – Manchester, Wolverhampton, Aberdeen and Plymouth

Natural Selection Andy Holden & Peter Holden

Natural Selection Andy Holden & Peter Holden (2018)
Installation view, Towner Art Gallery
© Towner 2020/Andy Holden

Leeds Art Gallery

Project: Touring Bid

Development and writing of Arts Council Strategic Touring Bid and tour partner liaison with Artangel, Bristol Museum & Art Gallery and Towner Art Gallery in Eastbourne, for a new exhibition of work by Andy Holden.

Colchester murals

Colchester Civic Society

Project: Public Art Restoration

Devised and developed a bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund for the restoration and reinterpretation of a series of concrete murals. These are early examples of the artists’ work and an important part of the post-war mural movement. Development of the bid included public presentations about the project, writing the project brief, researching and procuring a relevant conservation team and devising a community engagement programme.

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