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Curating for Corona Project



Walking Caroline Wright (2020)
Egg tempera and pencil on paper, 21 x 25cm,

During life in lockdown Kath & Company selected a range of artists to provide a new piece of artwork for each day.

Curating for Corona started in early April 2020 just after the UK lockdown had begun. It ran for over 60 days as a social media project on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. It featured a wide range of artists working across disciplines from painting to conceptual craft. Each artist contributed images and text based on the brief to reflect upon our new circumstances. It could be a new work made due to the artist’s own circumstances, or one already created that had new resonance. The project’s aim was to offer a daily moment of reflection and contemplation in extraordinary times.

Kath & Company would like to thank all the artists involved for their generous contributions.

A selection of artworks are seen below for the full project. Visit the full project on Pinterest.

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